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 Explanation of the Ranking System

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Explanation of the Ranking System Empty
PostSubject: Explanation of the Ranking System   Explanation of the Ranking System I_icon_minitimeWed May 15, 2013 5:54 pm

Leaders of Sovereign Force. These ranks make sure the clan runs smoothly and try to improve the clan bit by bit.

Ultimately responsible for everything.

Deputy Owner
Assisting the leader - help with decision making, appointing new leaders, coming up with new ideas, etc.

There will be 3 Overseers - each of them in charge of a team.
1. Recruitment-team: leads a team of Coordinators. Maintains the Recruitment Thread on the RuneScape forums.
2. Event-team: leads a team of Organisers.
3. Citadel-team: leads a team of Administrators. Manages the citadel and makes sure the Administrators take out the Clan Avatar(s).

The Overseers will decide on new team members (when necessary) together with the Deputy Owners and the Owner.

These ranks have one key task and are organised in teams - each team is led by an Overseer. They also maintain order in the clan chat (kicking spammers, etc.).

Member of the recruitment-team. Posts invitations on the forums, bumps the Recruitment Thread and recruit people in the Clan Camp from time to time.

Member of the event-team. Organises clan events.

Member of the citadel-team. Takes out the Clan Avatar, so members can benefit from the xp bonus. Can lock skill plots if necessary.
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Explanation of the Ranking System
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