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 Brief explanation

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PostSubject: Brief explanation   Brief explanation I_icon_minitimeWed May 15, 2013 8:19 pm

Hey everyone! I'll briefly explain the citadel, let you know what -you- need to know.

The citadel is our personal castle for the clan. Our home, with many benefits for you as a clan member. Listed below are the benefits, but first, let me explain what 'capping' is.

If you look in your production tab (only opens when you're in the citadel, replaces Squeal tab), you'll notice at the bottom, it will say "Resource cap: ?/1000", or something along the lines of that. The action of capping requires you to gather resources, such as timber, stone, ore, etc., until you've reached your limit.

Brief explanation Citadel1_zps5290575b

This limit resets every week, so don't worry! Once you've reached the limit, contact a member of the Citadel team (ranked Administrator), myself or one of the owners. We'll make sure you get those points, but you have to let us know to get them! From capping, you'll get all sorts of benefits, apart from the great xp you gain!

~~Build Tick~~
The build tick occurs every week. The goals that are set must be completed if we want to progress with the citadel. If upkeep is met, but not upgrades, we will carry resources over to the next tick. Very useful!

Brief explanation Citadel2_zpsea6ed664

The citadel will require upkeep, which must be obtained every week to keep the citadel up and running. Upgrades are what make our citadel progress further. Upgrades can be to skill plots, the citadel itself, our clan battlefield, or even a statue! The goals for the clan will be posted as soon as possible.

Brief explanation Citadel3_zpsaaf9377f

~~Clan Rings~~
Once you gather a fair amount of resources, you'll get a message saying you can claim a clan ring from the quartermaster. He's located in the keep, on the left of the doors.

Brief explanation Citadel4_zpsc6f3b380

Once you collect your ring, you can charge it while standing in the skill plots we have. Example, if you stand in the woodcutting plot, and right click your ring, and choose 'charge', your ring will turn into a woodcutting ring. These are used for XP outside of the citadel, much like a pendant does.

Brief explanation Citadel5_zps1c5ea9cc

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Forum Admin

Posts : 37
Join date : 2013-05-15
Age : 28
Location : Ontario, Canada

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PostSubject: Re: Brief explanation   Brief explanation I_icon_minitimeWed May 15, 2013 8:28 pm

~~Clan Fealty~~
As you cap every week, you'll notice stars at the bottom of your clan cape. This is what's called Clan Fealty.

Brief explanation Citadel6_zps602ba644

There are ranks, 1, 2, and 3. Rank 1 gives you 15% more xp in the citadel when you gather resources. Rank 2 is 30% more xp in the same area. Rank 3 gives a little more; you get 45% more xp, as well as a fealty reward. This reward is like an xp lamp, and can be used the week after you cap. Right click on your clan cape, and select 'Fealty Reward'. This reward can be used every week, as long as you maintain your Rank 3 fealty.

Brief explanation Citadel7_zps6dae92da

~~Skill plots~~
As the citadel progresses, we'll unlock more skill plots.

Tier 1 - Woodcutting
Tier 2 - Mining (stone)
Tier 3 - Firemaking, Mining (ore), Smithing (ore)
Tier 4 - Mining (precious ore), Smithing (precious ore)
Tier 5 - Summoning, Crafting
Tier 6 - Cooking

~~Other Upgrades~~
There's other upgrades we can get for our citadel. For example, there is a dance floor once we unlock tier 3, and a clan theatre at tier 7. Most of these are cosmetic, or just for fun! Also, at tier 7, our clan vexillium will sparkle at the top!!*$!&#(%!

Once we achieve a Tier 7 citadel, we also get a clan dragon. It requires *lots* of work, but is very nice to have! We can choose between green, red, blue, black, or a frost dragon. How neat is that?!

Brief explanation Mqdefault

~~Clan avatar~~
This is a subject which many people ask about. A clan avatar is a follower that only certain people with the permissions can take out.

Brief explanation 348px-Clan_Avatar

When you're skilling, you'll notice there are "anagogic orts". Collect those, they help you get the buffs from the avatar! You have a daily limit of 200, and need 300 to obtain a week's worth of buffs. Pay your orts to the avatar, and you'll have access! You must be in the same world as the warden, however. The more popular buffs are listed below:
-3% more xp in the same world, 6% within 35 squares of the avatar
-10% faster resource gathering in the citadel
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Brief explanation
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