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 How to to attend/make an event

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How to to attend/make an event Empty
PostSubject: How to to attend/make an event   How to to attend/make an event I_icon_minitimeWed May 15, 2013 9:57 pm

events will be organised through the event team and will have a notice prior to the event. if you feel you missed the notice there may be another one or you can always check back in the event forum which will have all current events posted. if you wish to attend the event make sure you talk to the person coordinating it or a member of the event team, this will ensure you to be a part of the event and receive points towards your rank. if you feel you have not been given points for an event contact a member of the event team to verify you being there.

if you wish to recommend/create an event please use the form below-

type of event-pvm, skilling, social
time of event- please put your availability we would like you to be at your own event and post your timezone
level of content-social,very low, low, med, high, very high
requirements- (skills ,items, gear, team, training)
rewards- (if any rewards please post ex: bandos armour)

if a event you recommend/create becomes an actual event you will be credited for it and receive the points by being listed as "created by-" section on the listed events. if you see you have not been credited you can contact a member of the event team to explain why or fix the problem. There is a event recommendation thread which should be used for all recommended events.

Thank you,
Sovereign Force event team
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How to to attend/make an event
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