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 How to obtain ranks

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How to obtain ranks Empty
PostSubject: How to obtain ranks   How to obtain ranks I_icon_minitimeWed May 15, 2013 6:01 pm

For each rank you need the following amount of points:

- Recruit Rank (New members automatically start with this rank)
- Corporal Rank - You will need: 50 Points
- Sergeant Rank - You will need: 100 Points
- Lieutenant Rank - You will need: 250 Points
- Captain Rank - You will need: 350 Points
- General Rank - You will need: 450 Points

NOTE: Staff ranks are given out by the staff of Sovereign Force.

How to gain points within the clan:
- Capping: 10 Points
- Attending Events: 5 Points
- Recruiting Members: 3 Points
- Hosting a clan event: 5 Points (1 event per day)

Negative Points:
As well as earning ranks, you can also have points taken away for disrupting behavior. We want to keep the clan a nice place, free from drama and abusive language/behaviour.

- Asking for ranks: -5 Points
- Abusive name calling: -10 Points
- Starting arguments: -5 Points
- Getting kicked temporarily: -10 Points
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How to obtain ranks
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